To Rape Victims

They say there is no cure for rape victims, that nothing can truely heal the damage that has been done to them. But looking at my moms today, it seems like she proved those people wrong. I mean I don’t know how she sleeps at night, or how she battles internally, or how she copes w/that kind of abuse. But I do know she’s healing, & I have to thank God for that. Because no man, no medicine, or any treatment can bring her to where she is today. So to any rape victim that reads this, turn to God. Please. Stay strong, stay brave, and stay hopeful <3

(Source: nigermoore)

“It’s easy to forget who you are when put next to people who don’t quite know who they are.”

It’s funny how ‘they’ have enough money to produce million dollar movies, but ‘they’ don’t have enough money to feed the poor. I don’t quite know who ‘they’ are, but I do know that those same people are the reason this world only gets worse by the second.

“How is it that we are capable to hate, but incapable to love. We laugh and mock those different than us rather than love how unique they are. When are we as a people going to realize that judgement is hatred’s bestfriend; who is indeed the enemy of love.”
“There’s a thin line between optimism & paranoia. To think positively in a world of negativity could possibly lean towards crazy.”
“A lie never shys too far from the truth, because a lie is indeed built upon a hidden truth.”